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Week 12 NFL AM TV schedule, game times

The Thanksgiving NFL appetizer is behind us, and we are on to the Sunday main course. The San Francisco 49ers get going at 1:05 p.m. PT, but in the meantime there is a large slate of games for the AM. For whatever reason, the NFL scheduled only 49ers-Cardinals and Steelers-Seahawks for the late slot. I've never fully understood that, but for today, that means more football while we wait for the 49ers.

The biggest games for 49ers draft purposes are Raiders-Titans and Chargers-Jaguars. The Titans and Chargers are both 2-8, so we'll be rooting for both to swing upsets of the 4-6 teams they are facing. Strength of schedule would likely leave both teams ahead of the 49ers in draft position, but getting wins would move the 49ers a little bit closer to higher draft picks.

We'll be back with inactives at 11:35 a.m. PT, and then the first game thread shortly before kickoff. Here's the full AM schedule.

Raiders @ Titans - CBS
Bills @ Chiefs - CBS
Bucs @ Colts - FOX
Giants @ Washington - FOX
Saints @ Texans - FOX
Vikings @ Falcons - FOX
Rams @ Bengals - FOX
Chargers @ Jaguars - CBS
Dolphins @ Jets - CBS