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Someone is flying sign over Levi's Stadium that says 'Jed and 49ers should mutually part ways'

Yep, that sign has officially been financed. An anti-Jed York sign is flying high over Levi's Stadium before their Week 12 matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Welp, someone found enough money to do this. You can't make it out on this picture, but Jennifer Chan says it in fact says this! I'm not a fan of fans spending money on this kind of thing, but I also understand that fans otherwise feel helpless to hold Jed accountable for what has happened to this franchise. The team has gone from three straight NFC title game appearances to hoping other teams win to set up better draft position. This so-called re-loading is in fact a re-building.

It will be interesting to see if this gets any significant media traction. Fans are angry, and they don't have many ways to hold Jed York and the franchise accountable. They can stop spending money on tickets and merchandise, but there remains an avalanche of people buying gear. And considering how revenue sharing works across the league, it's not really doing any notable damage to the York's bottom line.

Fooch's update - We've got a better view of it: