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Alex Boone rips referees, NFL, Roger Goodell over poor officiating

I think sometimes Alex Boone can be a blowhard, but this is one time I am fully down with what he had to say. Boone spoke to the media after the game, and he ripped into NFL officials, and said he was not concerned about getting fined. The 49ers made some bad mistakes, but the referees seemed inclined to throw penalty flags at a fairly ridiculous rate. The worst call had to be the roughing call against Quinton Dial, but there were numerous other bad calls.

Here is a transcript of the first part of Boone's response. I'd recommend watching the whole video as Boone does not hold back.

I'm not too worried about getting fined. I thought those refs sucked. You call running into a player when nobody even touched you. I mean, if you don't like what we say, then don't like what we say. Don't throw a flag for it. That's what I'm sick about this league. This is supposed to be a man's game. Be a man. That's what pisses me off. It's guys like that work in this league, work on this field, and we have to deal with it. Whatever. It was a terrible call. It was terrible calls all game. I don't care what the league says, I don't care what Roger says. It's the truth. You don't like it, get the hell out of there.