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Quinton Dial, Carson Palmer, Mike Pereira talked about the penalty/non-penalty on the sack

Quinton Dial in his quiet and mild mannered way, spoke to the media about his pivotal roughing the passer penalty in the 4th quarter.

It was a mess of a game for the officials that included a considerable amount of confusion. 20 penalties were called overall but one of the most pivotal calls was a rouging the passer penalty called on Quinton Dial late in the 4th quarter. The sack would have given the Cardinals 3rd and 18 at their own 30. Instead, Arizona got a fresh set of downs on their 47. The drive ended in a game winning touchdown by Carson Palmer. Below is the transcript of Dial's interview. Further down is Carson Palmer's thought on the penalty, and what Mike Pereira thought on what would have been the proper call:

Did you understand that call?

I didn't get an explanation for it.

What did you think when you saw the flag?

No....this can't be. This can't be real.

Did it feel like Palmer kind of ducked into it?

Yeah, when I watched the replay I saw that he just kind of ducked into it and there was nothing I could do at that point, just fall into him.

Even with him ducking, did you feel like you caught him in the helmet or that it was more in the chest?

I'll have to go back and watch it again.

As you were going through it, you felt like it was a legal play?

Me personally? Yes.

Do you know what's legal and not legal anymore? Is there a question overtype you touch the QB?

That's a question that I really can't answer. Seems like every year there's something new so I can't answer that question.

What's the feeling like when you think you made a play but it goes the other way?

It's not a good feeling.

Did he [Palmer] say anything when you had him down on the ground?

[grunting noise] - laughter

There's a different energy from this week compared to last vs Seattle. Can you explain it?

It's just something that we came out and said we were going put our pride on the line and come out and play together. It's something that we are just going to have to build on and take on the road. We're on the road the next two weeks. We have to build on it and take it on the road with us.

On the first drive in the 3rd quarter, even though it ended in a touchdown, did that 9 play stand kind of build some confidence keeping the best offense in the league out of the end zone?

I feel like we had a lot of momentum throughout the course of the game. We just came up short, we missed a couple of opportunities. Just got to go in and watch the film and learn from it.

Did the penalties keep you from keeping a rhythm?

We had way too many penalties today. That just can't happen. We had way too many.

It looked like you kept Carson uncomfortable back there. What were you doing that kept him uncomfortable?

Just trying to get him off his spot, trying to make him feel uncomfortable in the pocket, trying to push the pocket. We were pushing the pocket and getting him to move. And coverage wise, just mixing up stuff and trying to confuse him.

What's the mood in the huddle after you get dealt penalties like that?

We just have to move on to the next play. At that point there's nothing we can do. The flag has been thrown and the call has been made.

Carson Palmer

There's no debate here. He hit me right in the face with the crown of his helmet. I don't think there's any debate about that.

Mike Pereira