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2015 NFL trade deadline news, rumor tracker: Considering 49ers options, salary cap implications

Will the San Francisco 49ers be active as the 2015 NFL trade deadline goes down on Tuesday? They've already dealt tight end Vernon Davis, so we consider who might be next, and salary cap implications of those options.

The 2015 NFL trade deadline goes down at 1 p.m. PT on Tuesday, and the San Francisco 49ers Monday roster moves could mean there is more to come. Vernon Davis was the most frequently mentioned potential trade option, but there are other veterans that could help opposing teams. Joe Staley was floated over the weekend by Jason LaCanfora, and guys like Ahmad Brooks, Anquan Boldin and others could still be dealt before the deadline.

We'll be tracking rumors all day, but for now, I thought we would start with a look at the salary cap implications of dealing some of these veterans. A trade at this point works in a similar fashion to a roster cut. Players signed beyond this season have their dead money split between this year and next year. Players not signed beyond this season roll up any dead money in this season's salary cap. The 49ers currently have approximately $14 million in cap space following the Vernon Davis trade. The 49ers saved $2,502,950 in cap space with the Davis trade, and will carry $4,484,970 in dead money this year.

The players below are a few veterans that could potentially be dealt. There have been no rumors about most of these guys, but we just wanted to take a look at a few potential trade options.

2015 cap savings 2015 dead money 2016 cap space 2016 dead money
Joe Staley $2,632,353 $4,967,647 -$500,000 $8,800,000
Ahmad Brooks $2,274,816 $4,780,184 $6,501,250 $3,197,500
Anquan Boldin $3,193,015 $3,364,735 $0 $2,727,000
Tramaine Brock $1,159,412 $1,730,588 $2,400,000 $1,500,000
Glenn Dorsey $906,618 $1,535,048 $2,150,000 $691,668
Colin Kaepernick $6,630,882 $8,634,871 $9,368,494 $7,397,259