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Colts fire Pep Hamilton, promote Rob Chudzinski to OC

This likely will have no bearing on the San Francisco 49ers, but it is intriguing nonetheless. The Indianapolis Colts announced Tuesday evening that they have fired offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton and replaced him with Rob Chudzinski.

The Colts have lost three straight, two of which came after significant comebacks that came up short. There has been rampant speculation that head coach Chuck Pagano would be the one who gets fired, but somehow he has held on to his job for a little while longer. The Colts are 3-5, and one of the biggest disappointments in the league. They are in first place thanks to playing in the decrepit AFC South.

The Colts have bigger problems than their offensive coordinator, and this move puts an intriguing offensive mind on the market. I don't expect the 49ers to hire him, but I imagine at least a few 49ers fans will clamor for the team to hire Hamilton and fire Geep Chryst.