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Blaine Gabbert yells 'Oh s**t!' immediately before 48-yard catch-and-run by Blake Bell

The San Francisco 49ers lost tight end Garrett Celek to an ankle injury against the Arizona Cardinals, and that meant more snaps for rookie Blake Bell. He made the most of his opportunity, catching three passes for 67 yards. Bell's most notable catch was a 48-yard catch-and-run that helped set up their long touchdown of the day.

One thing I noticed at the snap of the ball was one of the field mic's picking up a player yelling "Oh s**t!" (site decorum will be off for this thread). I went back this morning and watched the play five or six times, and I'm fairly certain it is Blaine Gabbert. What I can't figure out is why he yelled it. I took some Instagram video of the play, and I'm curious if anybody can see anything that might indicate why he yelled that?

Nothing about the play seemed overly surprising. Blake Bell split out wide to Gabbert's left, and ran a crossing route. Gabbert made a small roll right after the snap, and then threw back across the field to a wide open Bell. The all-22 film might reveal more, but based on this video, I don't see him seeing a blitz or anything like that. Maybe I'm missing something. Any thoughts?

Blaine Gabbert yells "Oh Shit" after snap, before 48-yard completion to Blake Bell

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