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Rob Schneider tweets displeasure with 49ers CEO Jed York

Sunday was kind of a crazy day for the San Francisco 49ers. We saw horrible officiating in a close loss, but it was the surrounding buzz that was most intriguing. Prior to the game, a banner was flown over Levi's Stadium, stating "Jed & 49ers should mutually part ways." A GoFundMe was put together to pay for it, and while it flew over well before the game got going, there was some local publicity for it.

A little while later, a sort of noted 49ers fan chimed in with his thoughts on Jed York

Yep. Actor Rob Schneider, a Bay Area native, is not pleased with the state of the 49ers. And when Schneider isn't happy, well, that obviously means the public is not happy! OK, maybe Schneider isn't indicative of anything, but the displeasure with the state of the team continues to grow. I don't know that "playing GM" is exactly the right way to describe the situation, but I have a feeling he would not be the only person to tweet that kind of phrase. The issues are bigger than just "playing GM", but even still, people are displeased.

I am not surprised fans were paying to fly a banner over the stadium. Jed York talked about being held accountable, but that is not exactly easy to do. As someone tweeted out yesterday, Jed said that in part because he knows fans can't really hold him accountable. Sure, people could stop going to games and stop spending money on the franchise, but a) revenue sharing will make up for much of that, and b) the team is in a strong financial position with the new stadium. People could choose to not pay off their SBLs, but the 49ers would likely turn the issue over to a collection agency, and fans would take a hit to their credit. That's not exactly the best way to "hold Jed York accountable."

And so, fans spend their hard-earned money flying a banner over the stadium. I don't see that kind of think actually changing anything, because I suppose it makes folks feel better. Given how quickly this franchise has gone south, that might be the best people can hope for right now.