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Levi's Stadium to host 2019 college football playoff national championship game

The San Francisco 49ers are a mess right now, but their stadium continues to haul in big events. Earlier this year, the stadium hosted Wrestlemania, and the Super Bowl will be in town next February. Now, college football is getting in the mix. The 2019 college football playoff national championship game (wrapping up the 2018 season) will be hosted at Levi's Stadium on January 7, 2019.

The stadium has played host to college football, and will continue to do so, but this is obviously a particularly huge game. Of course, it is also worth noting the timing of this. January 7 is a Monday. Looking at the 2019 calendar, it is possible the NFL will be playing wild card football that previous weekend. What if the 49ers are hosting a wild card game that Saturday or Sunday? Would we be looking at a college title game on a field rapidly turned over?

Given how this season has gone, I forgive those of you who are still laughing at this possibility. January 2019 is a ways off, and plenty can and will change between now and then. I suppose this opens the door to a slightly amusing question. Will the 49ers host a playoff game between now and when the college football championship game goes down?