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Bruce Ellington to handle punt returns, L.J. McCray out with knee injury, Bradley Pinion set for Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers are dealing with an assortment of injuries on special teams as they prepare to face the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. The most notable absence we learned about today is L.J. McCray. He had surgery for a knee injury, which Matt Barrows described as a meniscus tear. The length of his absence is unknown, but he will not play on Sunday.

Reggie Bush was placed on injured reserve on Tuesday, and special teams coach Thomas McGaughey said Bruce Ellington will handle return duties in his place. The 49ers latest unofficial depth chart lists Ellington first in the return roles, and DeAndrew White as the backup for both. Quinton Patton has handled some return work in the past, and is likely an emergency option. Given Ellington's own injury history, it would seem likely that DeAndrew White is active this week.

Punter Bradley Pinion strained his calf muscle against the St. Louis Rams, resulting in Phil Dawson handling a punt. Pinion said the injury was on his kicking leg, but he and McGaughey both said he will play on Sunday. There are no reports of the team working out any punters, so it seems like Pinion should be fine for Sunday.