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Vernon Davis discusses struggles with 49ers

The former San Francisco 49ers tight end chatted with Broncos media, and naturally he got questions about his time in San Francisco. We take a look at some of his comments.

The San Francisco 49ers dealt Vernon Davis to the Denver Broncos on Monday, and it should surprise nobody that he got a few questions about his former team in his first media sessions. You can view his initial interview here, and read a follow-up interview here.

Vernon was asked about his struggles the last season and a half. I don't think we can ever take Vernon particularly seriously when he talks to the media, but it is still worth at least seeing what he had to say.

"Everyone is asking that question — where did I go. Look at San Francisco, look at the year when I started to drop off, and what happened with the team," said Davis, 31. "It started to fall off and there were so many things going on, so much turmoil. If the team's not having success, chances are I'm not going to have success. That's what it is. And look at them now — they've only won two games. It's hard. It's tough to be able to play for a team where you just don't have everything you need."

This strikes me as just trying not to call out specific players in criticizing his former team. It is entirely possible Vernon's struggles had nothing to do with his own distractions and injuries, but make of it what you will. I didn't expect him to invoke his Captain Torpedo distractions, but it is still interesting to read what he has to say. Particularly the line about how if the team is not having success, he probably is not having success. I suppose the counter to that for him is that he is a playmaker, and if the team looks to him, they'll find success. Who knows what exactly he means; it is Vernon after all.