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Golden Nuggets: Roddy White has his own response to the 'trash talk'

49ers links for November 5, 2015.

Good morning, 49ers fans! The San Francisco 49ers have one day of practice done, with two to go before they head into the weekend. The Atlanta Falcons are coming to town, and get to face a 49ers offense led by Blaine Gabbert, and not Colin Kaepernick. Although Kap struggled mightily for much of this season, Gabbert is not exactly an ideal option. I don't know if it can get any worse than what we saw in the 49ers losses, but we'll get to find out on Sunday!

After word got out earlier this week that the 49ers were switching quarterbacks, Kyle McLorg reported that one reason for the timing was getting Gabbert a shot against a Falcons defense the 49ers viewed as not nearly as good as the Seahawks or Rams. That is a factual assessment, but obviously the Falcons wouldn't take too kindly to that. Their social media team had a response, and Roddy White has chimed in as well. When asked about it, White predicted a couple turnovers, saying "The defense is playing really well, so good luck to Gabbert on Sunday."

It's all stupid nonsense anyway, but I am amused by the idea that this could be the impetus for bulletin board material. I actually think the Falcons could very well have a bit of a letdown in this game. They are favored by a touchdown, but this is a team that even when it was undefeated, was not really beating teams all that badly. And now, they're coming off a home loss to the Bucs, which was preceded by a tough road win against the Titans, and not so pretty road loss to the Saints.

The Falcons are not a bad team, but they're not a great team. They could very well have no problems with the 49ers, and that would not surprise me. But this is a team that has played down to teams more often than not. This could end up closer than we might otherwise expect. Or, maybe Blaine Gabbert just does his Gabbert thing, and it is an ugly 49ers loss. Who knows.

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