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Detroit Lions fire GM, president, blowing a whole lot up

The NFL has seen two head coaches fired thus far this season, and now we have a potentially bigger change. The Detroit Lions are reportedly firing general manager Martin Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand. Ian Rapoport is reporting Jim Caldwell is safe for now. The craziest part of all this has to be the wording of this tweet:

In my mind, 90-year old Martha Ford is walking through the office pointing at people and giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down.

I imagine this will not be the last GM firing this season, but as I have said before, I do not expect the San Francisco 49ers to be a part of that group. And I do not expect Jim Tomsula to be fired quite yet. The team is 2-6 and struggling to do much of anything. They have an easier second half of the schedule that might provide for a slightly inflated win total, but they are not a good team. I suspect Baalke and Tomsula both enter the 2016 season in their current positions, but change could happen if the team struggles next season. Tomsula seems the more low-hanging fruit to be fired, but another questionable draft effort could cost Baalke at some point soon.

For now, the Lions remain a front-runner for the No. 1 overall pick, alongside the 49ers. Both teams talented players on the roster, but a lot of question marks as well. It is entirely possible BOTH are looking for a new quarterback next spring. It will be interesting to compare the coming offseasons for both teams.