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Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs Falcons in Madden 16

We simulate Saturday's game against the Falcons in Madden 16.

I actually ran two simulations today. The reason was the first one had Matt Ryan getting injured two plays in and Sean Renfree taking over. Just didn't seem right, so I restarted it. The funny thing was I was trying to get a specific picture later (the post game shot of both helmets) and had to restart the game several times. I never could get the distance shot of the helmets, but what's funny is how Matt Ryan seemed to get injured in the other games also. I guess Madden thinks the guy is destined for an injury.

1st Quarter:

The Niners received and after a 10 yard pass to Quinton Patton, quickly punted the ball away. The Falcons received and then promptly let Devonta Freeman chip away rushing yards. Besides a 20 yard Jacob Tamme pass, that's all they did. Before you knew it, Freeman was running it in for the first score. Whoopie.

Score: 7-0, Falcons

After a 3 and out, the Matt Ryan show continued, this time with two deep passes to Julio Jones and Roddy White respectively. That put them on the 5 yard line and Devonta Freeman rushed it in. Again.

Score 14-0, Falcons

Blaine Gabbert nailed Torrey Smith for 20 yards, meaning we at least get to have four plays on this drive, and the quarter ended.

2nd Quarter:

Then Niners actually started moving the ball down the field thanks to a rushing attack making it's presence known. Unfortunately, a dropped pass by none other than Vance McDonald put a stop to that and made the Niners settle for a field goal. A field goal that got blocked.

Luckily, the Falcons actually had a three and out. The Niners actually moved the ball again...until a redzone interception to Ricardo Allen. The ensuing drive was another 3 and out which led to both teams exchanging the ball back and forth.

With 26 seconds to go in the half, Blaine Gabbert nailed another interception. This time to Desmond Trufant. The Falcons managed to kick a field goal as time ran out.

Score: 17-0, Falcons

3rd Quarter:

The Falcons received and Matt Ryan aired the ball out with a couple deep passes to Julio Jones. Once they hit the 49ers 23 yard line, the offense stunted and they settled for a field goal.

Score 20-0, Falcons

The Niners again tried running the ball and were again stuffed. Luckily, Bradley Pinion nailed a punt onto the Falcons 10 yard line to let the next drive take a bit more effort. With only one first down, the Falcons punted it back to the 49ers and the running attack started to take steam again, with assistance from Quinton Patton passes. The 49ers went into the red zone to close out the quarter.

4th Quarter:

The Niners tried going for it on 4th and 2 and were stopped short by the Falcons (imagine that). The Falcons wound up punting the ball back to the Niners, and the 49ers  were happy to give it right back to the Falcons. From there, the Falcons moved downfield with the running game and kicked another Matt Bryant field goal.

Score 23-0, Falcons

With two minutes left, Blaine Gabbert Uncle Rico Banderas aired the ball out with some NICE passes, finally tagging DeAndrew White with a 20 yarder for a TD. Even better, Pierre Thomas got the 2 point conversion. RIIIIIIIIIICCCCOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Score: 23-8, Falcons

Unfortunately, the 49ers failed to recover the onside kick and with 59 seconds left. The Falcons could easily run out the clock.

Final Score: 23-8, Falcons

Final Thoughts:

Madden has been pretty accurate lately, and nothing seems more plausible than this score. I have no problem at all believing this could be what the game leads to. The plus side is we actually score a touch down. The negative? Well, just look at the circus that was the week  leading up to this. Ugh.

Oh and you gotta love this, it's like Madden is trolling the 49ers coaching staff:

depth chart madden 16

The bye can't come soon enough.