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49ers home ticket prices vs. Raiders home ticket prices are crazy

The San Francisco 49ers have gone in the tank this year, so this information is not exactly shocking. Nonetheless it is kind of crazy how quickly the bottom has dropped out of the secondary ticket market for 49ers home games.

Secondary ticket prices are going to be impacted by good and bad teams. Right now, the 49ers are one of the worst teams in the NFL, and the Raiders are playing incredibly well. The team is likely going to relocate at some point, but a two-game winning streak and a 4-3 overall record has them competing for a playoff spot for the first time in a while. On Sunday, they are in Pittsburgh facing the Steelers in a game that will leave the loser in a rough spot. Neither team is going to win their division, with the Denver Broncos currently 7-0, and the Cincinnati Bengals sitting at 8-0. The Raiders and Jets currently hold the two wildcard spots at 4-3.

If the Raiders beat the Steelers, they will be home next week to face the Minnesota Vikings. I don't think the Raiders win this game at Pittsburgh, but if they do, prices for the Vikings game will only increase.

On the other hand, the 49ers have lost two straight and are 2-6 overall. They host the Atlanta Falcons this game, with Blaine Gabbert making his first start for the team. They then head into their bye week before traveling north to face the Seattle Seahawks. Their next home game is Week 12 against the Arizona Cardinals. If the 49ers drop these next two as most probably expect, they will be 2-8 heading into that Cardinals game. We could either see a strong Cardinals fan presence, or the place will be a bit of a ghost town. Either way, secondary ticket prices are plummeting. It has no impact on the 49ers this year since the tickets are already sold, but we'll see what happens as the time eventually comes to renew season tickets.