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To tank, or not to tank

That is the question

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone! Today, I was going to do my normally scheduled pump thread. I sat down with my peanut butter mocha, put on some AFI, and worked to get the crowd a song to pump up to.

Then I realized, given everything that's happened, that's kinda pointless.

At 2-6, the 49ers aren't exactly leading the NFC. Given the past incidents of this offense and the second coming of Blaine Gabbert Uncle Rico Banderas, I don't exactly see a turn-around where they go undefeated and lead us to the promised land. I know there's a lot of fans who want to see the opposite happen now: lose, lose, lose. And lose again.

And then there's fans who want to get a win, even if it really is meaningless. For a lot of us, the record means nothing and a win can make or break our upcoming week as far as our mood is goes.

As far as tanking is concerned: it's somewhat risky. The more you lose, the more you risk alienating the casual fans further. If you can turn things around and show some hope of next season, then you can still get merchandise and ticket sales out of the few light fans who haven't given up on the team for something else. While the team does get a nice kickback for Levis Stadium, most businesses making money want one thing: more money. Given the recent news of how ticket prices are even cheaper than the Raiders (did I slip into a worm hole a week ago? I think Chrono Cross started like this), I think tanking may make revenue slip that much more. And we all know the most businesses want revenue.

I'm sure many of you could care less about the business side of things. So what do we want to have happen here? Do we want to see awesomeness today? Or are we officially rooting for the Falcons to beat the crap out of us?