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Sean Payton could be a coaching free agent this offseason

The San Franicisco 49ers are backing head coach Jim Tomsula, but what happens if the team finishes 2-14 or 3-13? New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton could be available, but would the 49ers pursue him?

The San Francisco 49ers are currently 2-6, with no signs of progress. We have reached the point where people are wondering whether or not Jim Tomsula will last through the season. I have contended that he will get a chance into the 2016 season, but if the team runs the table with losses, that very well could change.

The coaching circus has not fully picked up yet, but we do have one notable name that could end up on the market. New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has been rumored to be interested in getting out of New Orleans after this season. Ian Rapoport is now reporting sources indicate the Saints would be inclined to let him out of his contract if that is what he wants. Rapoport also reported Payton has a "change of control" clause that lets him become a free agent if Saints owner Tom Benson is not in charge.

I imagine a few 49ers fans will have something to say on this. I don't believe Payton is quite the personality of Jim Harbaugh (who is?), but it is likely he is still a sufficiently strong personality that it would not be something Jed York and Trent Baalke would fully pursue. I could be entirely wrong, but consider me skeptical the 49ers make a push for Payton this offseason.

What do folks think?