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Jim Tomsula post-game victory speech includes Jed York cameo

The San Francisco 49ers were victorious in Week 9, and that meant there was a victory speech. FOX had some video from the 49ers post-game speech, albeit 20 seconds worth. could end up having the speech online later this week, but for now, check out the video above.

As some have pointed out, Jed York does indeed make an appearance in the background. It is worth noting he is usually spotted in the locker room after wins in part because cameras are not usually allowed into the locker room immediately after losses. I have no idea what kind of appearance he makes in those instances, but I am inclined to think he still shows up. But people will make of it what they want, I suppose.

The speech itself is a little bit awkward, although Tomsula has not exactly had a lot of opportunities to make such speeches. Whatever the case, give it a watch.