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49ers-Falcons recap: How exactly should we feel about this?

The San Francisco 49ers improved to 3-6 on Sunday, defeating the Atlanta Falcons by a final score of 17-16. Normally after wins, we celebrate with a little Ice Cube. It has not been happening frequently this season, so we have not had a whole lot of "It Was A Good Day".

Now that the 49ers are back in the win column, this one is a little more difficult. Obviously wins are nice. But the problem I have is considering the win in the broader context. Some will say a win is a win is a win, and I think that is perfectly understandable. My issue is that this team is not good. Sure they beat a 6-2 Falcons squad, but it is hard for me to see the team building on this in any sort of consistent basis. They have a bye next week, and then will travel to face the Seattle Seahawks. After that they host the Arizona Cardinals, before heading for road games at Chicago and at Cleveland.

I do not root for the 49ers to lose. However, there are times when losses don't feel quite as bad as other times. Given how this season has gone, I honestly felt conflicted by the win. I didn't have the same butterflies that happen in a tense close matchup. I was happy they won, but also disappointed in the hurt draft positioning.

If you think the 49ers are going to win the next seven in a row and go to the playoffs, you were ecstatic with the win. But if you are not happy with the current direction of the team, you probably had a similar feeling. In a certain way, the result sort of felt like the 49ers tie game with the Rams back in 2012. I was at the game and went to Jim Harbaugh's post-game press conference. He and the players all were happy to not lose, but not excited by just having a tie. It was just an odd feeling.

I suppose for the enjoyment of winning, a little Ice Cube is fine. But it's still an odd feeling.