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Jim Tomsula discussed Blaine Gabbert, 49ers defense, moving forward

The San Francisco 49ers head coach met with the media following Sunday's win over the Atlanta Falcons. He talked about Blaine Gabbert's performance, the defense, and plenty more. We have a transcript. You can also listen to audio here, and view video here.

Opening comments:

"Hello. Injury report, [CB Marcus] Cromartie, you saw him come out with a facial laceration. His face was cut, they stitched him back up and he was back in. [DB Jimmie] Ward got a pretty good ankle roll and they put some tape on that and he was back in. [LB Aaron] Lynch had an ankle and then his finger was out and they got that back and he came back in. So, that's all, those are the guys. A lot of toughness there with those guys."

What did you like from QB Blaine Gabbert today and is he your quarterback after the bye?

"Right out the gate. We're going to enjoy today. Gabbert did a nice job today, as did the team. Much respect to the Atlanta Falcons. I have a ton of respect for [Atlanta Falcons head coach] Dan Quinn and the players that they have. We all do, and much respect to them. But, Blaine Gabbert and our entire offensive line, the guys, the way they battled today. We've still have a lot of work to do. A lot of work to do."

Were you surprised at all that the Falcons kicked the field goal at the end instead of going for it on fourth down?

"No. I thought they could go either way. They've got a lot of confidence in their offense and their quarterback. So, they could play and they could get themselves in position."

What about the job your corners did, especially that last play that CB Dontae [Johnson] went up and contested to Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones? You had to be pleased with what you saw from the new corners?

"Yes, very. Again, we have a lot of work to do, but just the way they were competing. They didn't blink. Locked their jaw. Really proud of them. Proud of the way the guys fought. We had young guys that didn't blink and worked hard. Our coaching staff this week, obviously with all these guys, a lot of work went into that. And, the way the players worked with the coaches, and the way that went."

Just to clarify, Gabbert will be your starter for your next game?

"Gabbert was our starter today, and I don't have a comment past that. We got a win today."

My second part is what did you like about what he did today?

"I thought he did what he does in practice. I thought he did what he's been doing and improving on since he's got here."

As far as on the boot play, the one on the third down conversion and if that was set up exactly--?

"Yeah it was. Again, if there's somebody there then he can throw. Obviously, you saw it, it's a pass run option."

Obviously, if you don't say Gabbert is going to start against Seattle --?

"I'm not going to get into all that today."

It could invite two weeks or a week worth of discussion of, ‘Who's their quarterback?" Why won't you say who --?

"Because, I'm going to go back and watch tape. Blaine had a great day today. I'll talk about what a great job Blaine Gabbert did today, and what a great job the team did today in getting a win."

The defense in effect won this game, holding the other team to so few points and big plays. LB NaVorro Bowman makes that sack. You go back a couple of years when you were in the Super Bowl, the defense was the key. You had to like the way they played today?

"Yes, I did. I did. Again, we have a lot of work to do. We still have a lot of work to do. But, the game plan and the way the coaches and players all worked together. Obviously, a lot of new faces in there and the way the guys went about their business all week and went about their business today. There's plenty to clean up."

Limiting their running game to fewer than 20 yards, what did you like about what your defensive front did?

"Obviously, we have a lot of respect for that running game. It's a really good running game and it's a really good team. We feel good about the guys being in position and playing, keeping that under control."

What did you like about NaVorro Bowman's play specifically? It looked like he was moving around as well as he has all season.

"Yeah, he was. I thought last week he was really moving around well, and then again this week he's moving around really well."

How about your own running game, the way that you were able to shuffle those new running backs in and they all pretty much had a hand in it?

"Once again, all of those guys here and the way they've worked all week and the way the coaches worked with them. They went out today and ran hard. We knew we wanted to stick with the run game."

Why did RB Shaun Draughn get to start? I mean, out of three new comers, why him?

"That's just where we go. That's what we felt and we went."

He played recently for the Browns a few weeks ago, was that part?

"Yeah, obviously. He's played this season. [RB] Kendall [Gaskins] there at the end, grinding, a big, strong back."

Does quarterbacks coach Tom Rathman get a game ball for this?

"Yeah, we didn't do any game balls after the deal. Tom, along with all the coaching staff this week, what they've been doing. These guys are good men. They work really hard, but these players, the combination of the two."

OL Trent Brown got in there a little bit today, what did you see from him?

"OK. I want to go back and really watch that, but he's still a young guy coming along. But, we've said, we haven't hid it, we're looking for combinations, and we're not hiding anything. We'll keep working through until we find..."

You're still working on the combination?

"Yeah, we're going to keep working."

Can you explain what happened after Blaine took the high shot and what the officials, what the communication was like, what happened during that?

"Yeah, the ATC spotter, somebody the league has up there. I'm sure you're all aware of it, and if he has any questions, then he calls down. Blaine said he was fine and he was fine. There was nothing to it, but I guess that person up there saw something that he wanted to have checked. So, he came to the sidelines and was checked thoroughly. He was kind of upset coming off. I knew he was fine coming off. He was a little fired up about having to come out."

You're pretty subdued, and you've been subdued after all the wins this year. Is it just because this is your natural response to victory? Do you not want to let yourself get too boisterous after a victory?

"I don't know, Tim [Kawakami]. I think we have a lot of work to do. I just try to look at it. Am I happy that we won the football game? Absolutely. Do we need to win a football game? Absolutely. But, go to bed tonight and get up in the morning and we have to get after it. We have to get some work done."

What was your message to the team after the game?

"Congratulations. I really felt great for them. These guys, we all know how this is in this league. And, it was a tough spot that we've gone through and we understand where everything comes from, and it all starts pouring all over the place. But, I'll hold true to the guys in that locker room."