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Live stream for Jim Tomsula press conference, 11/9

The San Francisco 49ers get themselves a Victory Monday! The team beat the Atlanta Falcons 17-16 on Sunday, and Jim Tomsula will be back on Monday to wrap things up. He spoke to the media immediately after the game, and will speak again today at 11:30 a.m. PT. That will be followed by some player availability.

Tomsula's press conference should be streamed live by CSN Bay Area, and you can watch it above. You can also check it on We'll have a transcript later today, along with the injury report. As always, we have the 49ers media Twitter list below if you can't watch the press conference.

I am guessing he will once again get the starting QB question now that he has had a day to review the game film. I don't see how the coaches go back to Colin Kaepernick at this point, but nothing about this season has made much sense. We'll see what Tomsula has to say.