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Jim Tomsula won't comment on 49ers starter at QB, RG for Seahawks game

Blaine Gabbert and Andrew Tiller seem like the most likely candidates to start at QB and RG, but Jim Tomsula would not commit to anything on Monday.

The San Francisco 49ers will get extra time to prepare for the Seattle Seahawks over the next two weeks, and they are not going to give away anything quite yet about a couple lineup decisions. Head coach Jim Tomsula met with the media on Monday and would not comment on the starter at quarterback or right guard.

Blaine Gabbert got his first start with the 49ers on Sunday, and put together a solid enough outing. He led the team to two touchdown drives in the 17-16 victory. He had two interceptions, although only one was on Gabbert. Tomsula was happy with his performance, as well as the rest of the offense, but he still would not declare him the starter for the Seahawks game. He said the coaches would be doing more meeting on Monday, and then would talk with the quarterbacks. At that point we will hear what should be the likely news that Gabbert will get the start against Seattle.

Tomsula was also asked about the right guard position. He said the team has a pretty good handle on what they have at the position, but would not comment further. He pointed to Andrew Tiller getting more snaps, but it remains to be seen if that should be viewed as tipping the Week 11 plan. Given how little Devey played on Sunday, I have to think Tiller finally gets his first start for the team. Of course, throwing in Erik Pears (and Trenton Brown at right tackle) certainly does not make this any less confusing.