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Latest leak suggests Colin Kaepernick not expected to return to 49ers in 2016

Yet another round of leaks, this time suggesting Colin Kaepernick will not be returning to the 49ers in 2016.

The leaking continued on Sunday, and I meant to get to this earlier in the day. A few hours before Blaine Gabbert made his first start for the San Francisco 49ers, Jason LaCanfora reported that Colin Kaepernick's benching, "has heightened the frayed relationship between him and the upper management of the team and created a climate in which it is virtually certain he is not back in San Francisco in 2016."

LaCanfora reported that Kap has not asked for a trade, but his benching "further polarized the locker room". Additionally, he said some of Kap's teammates "believe he would ask for a trade or his release rather than stay with the 49ers next year." LaCanfora cited team and "league" sources in his report.

None of this is overly surprising for 49ers fans who have paid any kind of attention to the situation in Santa Clara. However, it is interesting to see more sides of this issue leaking information to the media. Even though the final decision seems pretty obvious (trade if possible, otherwise release), I imagine the leaking is not finished. It is all ridiculous, but that's just what we're left with thanks to a fairly dysfunctional organization.