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Adam Gase doing work with Jay Cutler, Bears offense

It's all woulda, coulda shoulda at this point, but in light of the Bears win and a monster second half performance by Jay Cutler, this tweet makes me some combination of sad, annoyed, resigned to our fate, and a few other feelings.

The 49ers were reportedly close to a deal to hire Adam Gase as their next head coach. The deal fell through however, and the 49ers promoted Jim Tomsula into the role. There was some chatter he messed up an interview, and that was followed by rumors the 49ers wanted Gase to keep Jim Tomsula as his defensive coordinator. There were other rumors Gase wanted to keep Vic Fangio as his defensive coordinator.

Who knows who was responsible for what leaks, but he is not the 49ers head coach, and the 49ers are now hoping they can turn Blaine Gabbert into something. Maybe Gase would not have worked out in Santa Clara, maybe he would have. Who knows, but given how this season has gone, of course we're going to be a little annoyed by it all.