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Pete Morelli officiating crew pulled from Week 13 game due to 49ers-Cardinals errors

This is not surprising given that Pete Morelli's crew was going to be handling a primetime game.

Fooch's update: PFT corrected the report to say Morelli's crew was yanked from Colts-Steelers on Sunday Night Football, as opposed to MNF.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the NFL is going to pull Pete Morelli's officiating crew from their Week 13 assignment due to their errors in Sunday's 49ers-Cardinals game. Morelli's crew was scheduled to officiate the Cowboys-Washington Monday Night Football game.

Morelli's crew was an absolute train wreck on Sunday. Their mistake on Quinton Dial's roughing penalty was egregious, but it was nothing compared to the embarrassment of taking ten minutes to figure out whether or not it was third down early in the game. They had numerous instances of embarrassing behavior that has no business on the football field.

I do wonder though if the crew would have been pulled from a non-prime time game. Morelli's crew is an embarrassment, but if the game was not in primetime, I would not be surprised if the league had let it slide. The NFL has not taken nearly enough steps to improve officiating, so at this point I view this as just PR window-dressing.