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49ers opponents: Josh McCown out for season with broken collarbone

The dumpster fire that is the Cleveland Browns gets hotter and hotter! Quarterback Josh McCown was injured in the team's Week 12 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, and he is done for the year. Browns coach Mike Pettine announced that McCown suffered a broken collarbone and will miss the rest of the season.

When McCown went down, Austin Davis took over at quarterback. Johnny Manziel was the Browns third string quarterback in the game, reportedly only active because they had no other healthy players to activate. Manziel was expected to close out the season as the Browns starter, but some bye week partying got him benched for the foreseeable future. There is no word yet on who will be the starter, but Davis would seem to be the likely candidate.

The 49ers travel to Cleveland to face the Browns in two weeks. I had thought the promotion of McCown made it a more difficult game, but his departure puts Manziel and Davis in the picture at the quarterback position. For the purposes of this year, both would seem to be worse options, thus improving the 49ers chances of winning. But given how bad the 49ers have been on the road, anything is possible, even in Cleveland!