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NaVorro Bowman mic'd up is really entertaining

This was dropped into the Golden Nuggets this morning, but I felt like it was worth a separate article to make sure more people see it. NaVorro Bowman was mic'd up for the San Francisco 49ers Week 13 win over the Chicago Bears. You can watch the whole thing here, but I wanted to point to a few particularly interesting aspects of it.

The most intriguing is watching Bowman call out plays before or the split second they are happening. It is cool to see him call out runs, but my favorite part is when he calls out the screen right before Jimmie Ward's pick. Jay Cutler calls out "Folsom" as the 49ers are showing a blitz before the snap. When Cutler calls out "Folsom", Bowman then says "Screen!" Afterward he mentions watching film, so clearly he had seen that before.

The video wraps up with Bowman walking off the field. Before he leaves, he runs over to give his gloves to a kid in the stands who is having a birthday. I'm guessing he saw the kid's sign on the 49ers side of the field and remembered to stop by after the game. Very cool.

I highly recommend giving the video a watch. And don't forget to vote for NaVorro Bowman for the Pro Bowl!