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Daniel Kilgore will get snaps at center, but won't start for 49ers

More offensive line rotation for the 49ers. We break down what it means.

Apparently the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff decided that it is time for more rotation on the offensive line. Head coach Jim Tomsula told the local media that Daniel Kilgore will get snaps at center on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, but he will not start.

Tomsula said the team does not want to just drop him in the deep end in his first time back at center. The plan was to get him some center snaps last week, but the tight end injuries resulted in a need at tight end. The team will likely be adding at least one tight end from the practice squad, and giving Kilgore some time at center.

The team spent a chunk of the season rotating Andrew Tiller and Jordan Devey, but finally settled on Tiller at right guard. Kilgore would very likely beat out Marcus Martin at the center position, but the team seems content taking their time. Of all the positions, center seems the most difficult to have a rotation given the direct connection between center and quarterback. I get the need to work Kilgore in slowly, but the whole thing still strikes me as a little odd. My guess is we see them alternate series to some extent. Maybe Martin goes two series, Kilgore goes one, Martin goes two, Kilgore goes one. Or it could end up a 50-50 split. I suspect it is not quite that even, but we'll see.