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Heisman Trophy 2015 announcement show time, TV schedule, live stream

I don't pay nearly enough attention to college football, and as such, I almost forgot about the Heisman Trophy ceremony! The ceremony gets going at 5 p.m. PT, and will air on ESPN. You can also stream the ceremony on WatchESPN. We might as well have an open thread, even though the Heisman is not exactly a great predictor of NFL success at times.

Alabama running back Derrick Henry, Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey, and Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson are the three finalists for this year's award. McCaffrey has been leading an ESPN experts poll, but the voting is close enough that someone else winning would not be entirely shocking.

The last five winners, and eight of the last nine have been quarterbacks. The running back position has slipped out of vogue at times, but McCaffrey and Henry certainly had big years. McCaffrey is a sophomore, so he cannot go pro after this season. Henry is a junior coming off a ridiculous season with 1,986 rushing yards. The running back position is changing in a big way in the NFL. One former scout said Henry looked like a fourth round caliber running back. That resulted in this money tweet from Gil Brandt: