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The 2015 Niners Nation Holiday Gift Buyer's Guide:Part 2 - Gifts for your friend

We step away from expensive gifts for those special someones in your life, and get some good gifts for your everyday friends

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Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Last week, we gave you the best Christmas gifts money could buy, and we're sure most of you didn't bother buying a single item. That's fine,  for those of you who got the bag or the grill, you are now much better in life than if you didn't have those items.

This week we're looking at gifts for your close friends. Last week, you were hooking up your best buddy, this week, we're going for friends a bit more distant. The ones that may not be worth a $30k grill but they are definitely still worth something special.

49ers Ugly Christmas Sweater

We were going to save this for next week when gifts got cheaper, but what's the point of buying a gift when you have to wait until next year to use it? Therefore, get this thing on rush shipping and have your friends open this up STAT. Then watch them get all the attention at the Christmas party. You bought them that attention. Go get this.

Cost: around $60

49ers Bed-In-A-Bag

We know what you're thinking: A gift for a college kid. WRONG! Some people need to take the 49ers to bed every night, and this comforter/sheet set will allow them the opportunity to do so. Not only that, but the 49ers colors offers some sweet rustic decorations for the 21st century. Whether your friend is a five year old or pushing 60, this makes their bed magical.

Cost: 119.95

Old-School 49ers Jackets

Nothing quite says styling and profiling  like these gems you can buy. Only 49ers gold jackets could still remain in fashion decades later after their release. You've seen guys wearing them at your local sports bar and you say "Wow, I wish I was that cool." Well, now, your friends can be that cool.

Cost: $150-$300 depending on the listing.

Colin Kaepernick Action Figures:

Players get benched, and the action figure industry lives on! This sweet action figure has Colin Kaepernick permanently locked onto a receiver and holding onto the ball, just like analysts remember him! This being the gold standard, you get a hand painted figure wearing the Super Bowl 47 jersey showing the very highs of Colin Kaepernick's career in San Francisco. Even better, it's officially licensed! This is the perfect reminder of the Colin Kaepernick era for a friend. Send it!

Cost: 277.40 + 4.49 shipping

J.T. O'Sullivan Jersey:

Look, we all have players we like that no one else does. When those players don't pan out, we don't stop liking them, rooting for them, hoping beyond hope they can succeed, even if it's not in San Francisco. J.T. O'Sullivan could be one of those guys. He's a person too, and you can get those few people who felt so hopeful that the World Bowl XII starter would be the answer this great jersey. Worn by the very same quarterback who lost his job to Shaun Hill, this jersey is perfect for any O'Sullivan collector. Plus, no one likes trends. Colin Kaepernick jersey? Get outta town. J.T. O'Sullivan jersey? You were a fan during the dark times. You clearly are a true fan. Show your fandom with this.

But this isn't any J.T. O'Sullivan jersey, this is a gameday jersey. Worn by the very man Mike Nolan brought in to start in San Francisco. This shirt has history, as well as pride and it belongs on your wall. With the pool table you bought last week.

Cost: Around $450

Joe Montana Autographed Jersey with replicas of the four tickets to the Super Bowls the 49ers won

Last week we suggested you buy a grill for your bestest friend, but for just someone who you see every so often that is still special? This will certainly make their day that much better. You get an autographed Joe Montana Jersey, framed along with replicas of the four Super Bowl tickets Montana was featured in. Super Bowls Montana won.

Now, this being on Amazon, we aren't too sure of the authenticity of it, but who the hell is going to question that when it's sitting right on his wall looking awesome? No one.

Cost: around $1100

Next week: We get a bit cheaper, we're going under $100 for those aquaitances. Those people you need to remind that you exist. Someone you don't want to spend money on, but they are still special in their own little way. Stay tuned.