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49ers place Carlos Hyde on injured reserve

The move many were expecting has finally happened. We break down the news that Carlos Hyde has been placed on 49ers injured reserve.

The San Francisco 49ers promoted Brian Leonhardt to the 53-man roster, and to make room for him, they placed running back Carlos Hyde on injured reserve. We heard about Leonhardt's promotion earlier today, and were just waiting for the corresponding move.

The move is not a surprising one given how long Hyde has been sidelined with a foot fracture, but it is still odd the team took this long to place him on IR. I can only presume they were hoping to see how the foot would come around with rest. As the 49ers struggled further and further, it made less and less sense to keep Hyde on the 53-man roster.

There is no word yet on if Hyde will eventually have surgery, or if a few more months of rest will allow the foot to heal on its own. The team does not have to report for the offseason workout program until late April, which is a little over four months from now. Hopefully that is enough time for the heal to get right. And if not, the team has another three months from then until training camp, so time hopefully will not be an issue.