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Joe Staley thinks 49ers overlooked Browns

This comment says so much about the state of this franchise. The team beat the Chicago Bears 26-20 with an overtime touchdown. It was a fun close to the game, but it followed a stretch of awful football in which the Bears did everything they could to hand the 49ers a victory. People took this win as a good sign, but as this loss to the Cleveland Browns shows us, the 49ers are far from even a mediocre team.

When the line first opened for 49ers-Browns, Cleveland was favored by a point. The line moved a little, but settled with Cleveland 1.5- to 2-point favorites. I was tempted by the 49ers as underdogs against a bad Browns team, but I made it clear that I felt a letdown was a possibility. The 49ers really didn't deserve to feel particularly great coming off the Bears game, but I can see why there might be some optimism. Hell, I was willing to move a FanPost to the front page breaking down what it would take to make the playoffs. I moved it in slightly joking fashion, but people did think this team could do something.

Instead, the 49ers are 4-9 and waiting for the offseason. They could very well win one or more against the Lions, Rams, and Dalton-less Bengals, but this loss could be enough to send them into a tailspin. One positive people have suggested about Tomsula is his ability to keep the team playing, and not giving up. The team looked awful on Sunday, and a potential give-up would not be the most surprising thing. It will be interesting to see this thing gets uglier in the coming weeks.

Here's a little more of what Staley said:

That was followed by this:

Slightly clarifying tweets: