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Jim Tomsula discussed 49ers ugly loss Sunday afternoon

Head Coach Jim Tomsula addresses the media after the lopsided loss to the Browns

After the disappointing loss to the Browns, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula addressed the media. There's nothing ground breaking about his press conference, but he does think the loss was an execution problem more than an effort problem. The Browns nearly racked up 500 yards on the 49er defense while the 49ers barely broke 200 yards in garbage time. If that isn't bad enough, the injuries keep piling up.

The full transcript is below and you can watch the video here.


Injury report: Boone with a knee, he will get an MRI tomorrow. Gaskins left the game with a concussion. Jimmie Ward with an elbow, I don't know where that's at right now. Smith has back spasms. His back is locked up. That's the injury report.

How do you explain what happened today?

I don't want to take away from the Cleveland Browns. They obviously played a good football game and won thebfootball game. The San Francisco 49ers played a poor football game.

Did you have a difficult time bouncing back after an emotional win last week?

Yeah, well, it was a vey emotional week. It was emotional yesterday. Today we didn' starts up front. We didn't block, our lines didn't play. We didn't play well up front, we didn't tackle well on defense, we missed tackles, shoulders, not wrapping up. Concepts and the routes being off, we played a poor football game.

You said it was emotional yesterday?

Yeah, very good. Very good energy. It's been good all week.

The Browns seemed to get open today more than they have all year.

Yeah, They sure did. They did a hell of a job today ok? We did not.

There was a 4th and one play in the first half, Blake Bell got out cleanly, was that a poor design? What happened on that play?

Shoulder that guy and get up on the look with a bare front, and flip the eyes around and get the ball out. It's timing, its a timing play.

Was Gabbert supposed to roll to his right?

He rolls away from it, throws it back to him.

Did you have a talk with the offensive line at halftime to kind of rally them up?

Yeah, I mean I can't repeat it. Get your head right.

Were there a lot of mental errors?

Mental errors, not as many mental errors in the line, but we had a few problems with a couple routes. There was a slant right there wide open, we don't run the slant. There were technique things more than mental, as I see it right now.

It seemed like your team was improving the last few games.

Yes, sir.

Does a game like this mean that that may have been an illusion? That maybe you're not improving?

I don't believe it's an illusion. I do believe we are improving. But just like I said there last week, after the game, we took a minute to understand how that felt. we need to feel that. Ok? And then we need to grow on it. We obviously did not grow on it. Today, we need to take a minute and feel that feeling, because that's as bad a feeling in sports as you can have.

Did you feel like your QB took a step back today or were there structural issues?

No. I think we all took a step backwards today, ok? We played poorly today. From a man. There's not a guy in that locker room that doesn't own some part of this starting with me. So there's enough of that to go around to everybody.

Can you talk about the OL? I think they gave up a record amount of sacks.

Yeah, we just did not perform, did not execute.

How was the effort?

The effort was...I mean the effort, the guys come out, there guys were, I mean you see the guys getting in position...I didn't believe it was an effort problem. I believe it was an execution problem.