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Jim Tomsula screaming f*** me just about sums it up

Jim Tomsula's Monday press conference did not tell us a whole lot of much, so instead, let's look at this mesmerizing GIF of the 49ers head coach.

Jim Tomsula met with the media on Monday to discuss the team's embarrassing loss to the Cleveland Browns. He really did not have a lot to add to the conversation. Jimmie Ward has an elbow bruise, but no break, and Alex Boone is having an MRI on his knee today. He refuted the idea that the team was overlooking the Browns, or coming in big-headed, saying the team had no right to overlook anybody. I imagine he will chat with Joe Staley and Ahmad Brooks about their post-game comments.

Tomsula talked about needing to execute more consistently, but it was basically just a wash, rinse, repeat press conference. We'll have a transcript later today, but in the meantime, I think this GIF from yesterday's game sums things up pretty well. It came in the fourth quarter, on the series after the 49ers had fallen behind 17-3. The team faced a 3rd and 3, and Jim was not pleased with the pace of the play. Right before this, he is waving his hands yelling at them to hurry up coming out of the huddle and getting to the line. The ref thumbs up in the foreground, and Jordan Devey loosening up a bit in the background are two subtle parts of this GIF that are particularly great.

Since Jim is not using site decorum, I'll go ahead and turn off site decorum for everybody else. Go 49ers!