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This 49ers fan sums it up for all of us

I thought the angry Jim Tomsula GIF could sum things up really well, but then I came across this one (via the 49ers sub-reddit). I think Sunday's loss brought out rage in a lot of people, but for folks who were not as shocked by the loss, it brought a certain resigned fate. The 49ers have a long way to go to get things figured out, and in the meantime, this is kind of how I feel. I suppose feelings about the 49ers change from moment to moment, but this is definitely one of them.

For those wondering, this was during the 49ers 38-35 Week 16 overtime loss to the San Diego Chargers last year. Oh well indeed, old friend. I'll be saving this GIF for the rest of the season (and potentially into next season). In the meantime, here's an open thread for the rest of the evening.