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Jim Tomsula does not have an answer for why good 49ers practices don't convert to Sunday

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula chatted with the media on Wednesday, and it was not a particularly great showing. He once again did not really have any answers for the many problems facing the 49ers, and it was just sort of a wash, rinse, repeat performance.

We'll have a transcript later today, but I wanted to focus in on the most frustrating part. Over the course of the season, Tomsula has repeatedly followed up a loss by talking about how the team had a good week of practice. He said it again on Wednesday, saying it felt like a particularly good week. The team came out and laid an egg in Cleveland, and Tomsula said the strong preparation made the loss that much more frustrating.

He was asked how to change it, and he came back with the usual cliches about getting back in there and working at it, but he really has no answers at this point. We are getting the same nonsense week after week, and nothing is changing. Obviously he's not the best when it comes to speaking with the media, but nothing about the 49ers uninspired performances in many of their losses has made think this is just a matter of not being able to articulate things. The coaching is just not sufficiently there.

The 49ers could still very much beat the Bengals this Sunday, but then they would probably follow that up with a stinker in Detroit. And hell, they might have reached the point where they just pack it in and get stomped by AJ McCarron and the Bengals this weekend. It's hard to really get excited even for a potential home win given that this team just seems to aimlessly wander from week-to-week with no real direction.