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Sounds like Alex Boone is still waiting for a 49ers contract offer

Alex Boone should probably not hold his breath for a sizable offer from the 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers have numerous notable free agents after this season wraps up, and Alex Boone is among the biggest. The left guard will likely miss the final three games of the 2015 regular season due to an MCL tear, but it is unlikely the injury will cost him in free agency. I imagine he could be one of the highest paid guards by the time his free agency comes to a close.

Some have wondered if the team will bring back Alex Boone, but all indications are that there have not been any real discussions about an extension. On Wednesday, Boone spoke with the media about his knee and free agency, and said he'd "love to hear an offer from the 49ers." It is possible there have been some preliminary discussions, but a source told me no offer has been made to him.

It is not surprising there hasn't been much discussion at this point. When the 49ers want to re-sign a player, they usually try and get it done in advance of their final year. And even if that were not the case, the team does not spend big money on interior linemen. The 49ers do have a lot of cap space, but I still do not see Boone returning. Obviously he is going to say he would be amenable to a return while he is still a member of the team, but I think he is pretty well aware of the fact that the odds of the 49ers offering him the kind of deal he probably wants are pretty slim.