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Throwback Thursday: Is there a better Bengals memory than this?

These were the days

I  try to keep the obvious Throwback Thursday videos in the binder, so to speak, saving them for when absolutely necessary. The well hasn't dried up yet in 49er videos/pictures, but I want to make sure I have some reserves just in case.

We just got our butts kicked by the worst team in the league. I think this is one of those times.

I'm not sure what to say about Super Bowl XXIII's final scoring drive, or rather what to say that  hasn't been said before. It's really just an amazing thing to watch. With just a little over two and a half minutes, the 49ers stormed down the field and got into the end zone with a Joe Montana pass to John Taylor.

The genius play-calling along with clock management was what really stood out. Sure you had the usual side passes out of bounds, but Bill Walsh took advantage of this and called fake roll-outs, runs, and inside passes to throw a Bengals defense that was convinced we'd try sideline passes to save time. The clock ticked and the 49ers kept moving. Even an annoying penalty couldn't kill the drive.

Before you know it, it's around a minute left and Montana is knocking on the door.  I think part of this great play-calling was also making sure the clock winded down as much as possible as to keep the Bengal's offense from responding. We've seen what happens when a team responds far too quickly at the end of the game, most notably how an opponent has ample time to run a hurry up offense and end things.

As the final NFL game Bill Walsh would coach, it was a brilliant end to a brilliant career.