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NaVorro Bowman comes up just short in Pro Bowl fan voting results

The NFL will announce Pro Bowl rosters on December 22, but in the meantime, fan balloting came to an end on Tuesday. NaVorro Bowman had the most success among 49ers players, finishing third among inside linebackers. Luke Kuechly and Clay Matthews finished first and second, and Bowman finished 792 votes back of Matthews. For context, Matthews had 187,163 votes, and Bowman had 186,371 votes. Bowman trailed Matthews by 5,244 votes a week ago, so that's a nice little closing pace.

There are still two more stages of voting, which could bode well for Bowman. Players and coaches all submitted ballots, which I would hope benefits Bowman. He is coming back from a nasty knee injury, and I have to think coaches and players will recognize that in the balloting.

Although I think Bowman ends up with a roster spot, I would not be surprised if he sat out the game. He is wrapping up his first season back from the injury, and I have to think his body is already pretty worn down. He is second in the NFL in tackles, but there are definitely stretches of game action where he does not look like the Bowman of old. I think he will look better in 2016, but in his first season back, I don't see the value of playing in an exhibition game. Maybe he will view it differently. Who knows.