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49ers-Bengals picks and predictions: A few people think San Francisco can spring the upset

The San Francisco 49ers are back home facing the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15. We run down various predictions for the game.

We're back for another week of the 2015 NFL season, which means another look at San Francisco 49ers predictions. The team is back home facing the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. The game kicks off at 1:25.m. PT on FOX.

Once again, it is time for more predictions for Sunday's game. I posted the Week 15 prediction contest thread, so you can get all of your picks in there, but we can focus on 49ers-specific picks in here. The 49ers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Cleveland Browns. I have had a hard time figuring out what to make of this game. Early in the week, when I submitted my picks for SB Nation's "expert picks", I went with the 49ers. I really could see this team springing an upset. They have played better defense at home, and I could see them giving A.J. McCarron some trouble.

On the other hand, I don't know if the 49ers offense can put up enough points to manage a cover. I could see this ending up like the Cardinals game, where the 49ers hang close, but a late touchdown puts the Bengals over. The other issue is that the 49ers seem to be unraveling, with Jim Tomsula and Geep Chryst both dropping some blame on execution, as opposed to coaching. At some point, does everybody turn on everybody and things really go in the tank? I just don't know.

We're back with The Crowd's Line to crowd-source some predictions. Our friends at Cincy Jungle are also voting, and the widget below pulls out the vote for each site, as well as the general crowd's line, and what Vegas is thinking. We've added something new this week in the widget, where you can sign up and track your results.

We have a handful of picks from around the national media, and a lot of them are picking the 49ers this week. And naturally, the good folks of the staff are back all picking the 49ers to beat the Bengals. They remain good employees!

This is not remotely close to a complete list of media picks, so feel free to post links to any additional ones.

SB Nation: I was the only one of eight to pick the 49ers
ESPN: 3 of 13 picked the 49ers
CBS Sports: 2 of 8 picked the 49ers 1 of 8 picked the 49er
Greg Cote, Miami Herald: Bengals 20, 49ers 13
Dennis Manoloff, The Plain Dealer: Bengals 26, 49ers 22
Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Bengals 26, 49ers 6
Pro Football Talk: MDS Bengals 20, 49ers 17; Florio Bengals 20, Browns 13