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49ers end zones to feature Super Bowl throwback look vs. Bengals

The San Francisco 49ers welcome the Cincinnati Bengals to town this Sunday, and the team is rolling out a throwback look. They will not use a different uniform, but they are rolling out old school end zones. The team is only allowed three uniforms in a season, and the black alternates we saw against Minnesota and Arizona covered that. I've posted a few things from social media showing how the end zones will look on Sunday.

The reason for this is because the 49ers will honor the 1981 and 1988 Super Bowl teams. The 49ers face the Bengals every four years, and since they alternate home and road games, I believe this means the next time the 49ers face the Bengals at Levi's Stadium will be in 2023. And so, the 49ers have members of their 1981 defensive line, along with various members from the 1988 team to honor the Super Bowl XVI and XXIII teams.

The 49ers may stink right now, but it's always fun honoring the old Super Bowl teams, and I don't mind the 49ers twisting the screws a bit the weekend the Bengals are in town. It's disappointing it won't be Sunday Night Football to annoy Cris Collinsworth, but a little trolling of Bengals fans is fine by me.

Kickin' it old school this weekend. #49ers

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