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Complaining about the quarterback is nothing new for 49ers fans

Peter Hartlaub is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and every so often he will unearth some serious gems from the Chronicle archives. Recently, he came across some old content from 1979 and 1980 about Joe Montana. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback went through growing pains his first two seasons, and 49ers fans were not pleased.

The Internet may not have been around back then, but that did not stop people from voicing their opinions about him. They did not come out and call him a bust, but they inferred as much. We had people suggesting trades, and one who even seemed to suggest electrocution with the battery pack quarterbacks wore. I have a feeling that person probably would have been banned from Niners Nation.

Here are a few of the things Peter came across and shared on his Twitter account. Fans really have not changed much over the years. It's more just a matter of new mediums for expressing their anger.