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Jarryd Hayne will return to NFL in 2016

I would assume Jarryd Hayne will be back with the 49ers, but we'll technically have to wait and see if the team actually offers him a reserve/future contract, and if any other offers are out there.

There has been much speculation in Australian media that San Francisco 49ers running back and returner Jarryd Hayne would return to Australia and give up his NFL dreams after only one season. Hayne has shot that down in the past, and firmly shot it down again on Friday. During player availability, he told Bay Area media he is "definitely" planning on returning in 2016. He talked about how much he has learned in just the last few months since he last played.

I don't expect to see Hayne get promoted these final three weeks. After that, the 49ers will offer reserve/future contracts to the practice squad members they want back for the offseason workout program and training camp. My guess is Hayne will get an offer. I don't know if he will get any other offers, but I would suspect we see him back with the 49ers in the spring and summer. He was asked about the contract issue, and he said, "No, that's not my concern at the moment. There's three weeks left and I'm looking forward to getting back into the sun."