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The 2015 Niners Nation Holiday Buyer's Guide - Part III: Gifts for your acquaintances

Part three of our gift guide now looks for some good, cheap gifts to give to those friends of yours that are still friends, but not worth much.

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I hate to be a grinch, but there are some people you will give the shaft to on Christmas. Like they said in The Dark Knight: You either be a holiday hero, or are cheap enough to become a villain. It happens.

Luckily, we have found a few items that won't take too much weight off your wallet. The recipients won't care about how cheap this item is: It's the thought that will count here, and they know you really thought long and hard of them buying them this cool swag rather than another fruit cake.

Jarryd Hayne Rookie Card

Remember when sports cards were all the rage? Yeah, years ago, having the rookie cards of specific players made you think that you held a gold mine in your hands. Today, certain cards do hold value, but it definitely hasn't inflated like someone originally thought. For instance, I remember seeing Michael Jordan's rookie card with a price tag of $600 when I was ten years old. Twenty two years later and  I've seen versions of the card going for around $2,000. I'm not a good card appraiser, but it seems like that's not much of an increase.

But, that's still a nice investment that's better than a savings bond, and why not invest minimal amounts into a card with the image of the future: Jarryd Hayne.

Yes, right now he's on the practice squad and has to learn how to play football, but he will learn, and he will lead this team into the next dynasty. Maybe.He still has to report ably learn how to play football before he becomes a star on a football team, but don't let this stop you. Buy his rookie card and make your friends love you.

Cost: $4.95

49ers Head Covers

Golf is all about expressing yourself. You know, once you conform to wearing a polo shirt, tucked into slacks, and shoes that have spikes that won't tear up those expensive greens. Then you can start the expressing: with your golf bag and your head covers.

We didn't list the 49ers golf bags because those are either for show, or not the greatest quality for someone serious about their sticks. These sweet head covers on the other hand tell the others wearing those questionable outfits you mean business. Strap these things onto a driver, 3-wood and 5-wood and make someone look awesome when only the driver head cover comes off all round, because you're that good.

You can also knab this sweet putter cover for your friend along with this to make sure they have even more 49er propaganda power on the course.

Cost: Around $55

49ers Ladies Handbag

In part one of our buyer's guide, we directed you to this sweet leather bag that would require a second mortgage to purchase. If you're one of those people who wants to get something cheaper and your friend would like this sort of thing, read on.

This thing is way cheaper than the $600 price tag of the original bag, and in many ways, it looks more natural. The recipient won't be able to carry this around on their trips to a ritzy dining establishment (well, maybe they could pull it off) but it works just about everywhere else. The sheer possibilities of how this bag can be used is only a testament to how awesome it is.

Just no leather, or no bling.

Cost: $28

49ers Duct Tape

If you don't know how awesome duct tape is, you don't know how awesome life is. Duct tape makes everything better, and has more uses than aluminum. The only thing better than those rolls of gray possibilities? Replace the gray with a 49ers logo and colors.

Express your fandom each time something gets broken. That TV leg broke apart? Put it back together and have some 49ers decorations while you're at it. Need to reattach that cabinet door? You know what to do, and make sure the 49ers are shown clean in the repair. Broken arm? Just patch things up with this and be wearing the logo of your favorite team while you're at it.

It's not just repairs too. This could be used for several creations. People have made duct tape t-shirts, duct tape wallets, even duct tape comforters. The possibilities are endless for this cheap gift and it's just as easy on your wallet as it is for someone to be happy you thought of them. Go buy it.

Cost: 8.95

Up Next: Christmas is almost here, but that doesn't mean you can't stab someone in the back. We're going to look at some things to buy your worst enemy. This isn't you thinking of someone, this is you trying to make sure someone never asks for a Christmas gift from you ever again.

We'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel for these. Got a good gift for your enemy? List them below and we'll take a look.