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NFL picks against the spread, Week 15: SuperContest picks, all picks

The San Francisco 49ers are at home facing the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15. Time for my fifteenth LVH SuperContest picks, as well as my picks for the remaining games.

We're back for another round of NFL picks against the spread! For the second straight season, I am back for the LVH SuperContest. SB Nation's partners over at Odds Shark are sponsoring my entry again. The contest requires selecting 5 games each week and picking them against the spread. This year's contest is expected to have nearly 1,400 participants, including myself, Matt Ufford and Eric Sollenberger from SB Nation. Everybody picks their own five games and there will be a running leaderboard HERE. You can follow my standings under the name "Fooch".

Last year, I finished 39-45-1. This year, I'm off to a decent start. I put together three straight 4-1 weeks, slipped to 3-2, bounced back to 3-1-1, followed that with back-to-back 3-2 weeks, slipped to 2-2-1, bounced back with a 4-1 performance, slipped to 2-3, followed up with a 3-2, improved further with a 4-1, and then hung steady with a 3-2. I took a step backward last week, with another 2-3 performance, so we'll see if I can bounce back this week, with three weeks remaining. I am currently 44-24-2 through fourteen weeks, so we'll see if I can finish strong. I went 7-9 overall ATS with my picks last week.

Here are my SuperContest picks for Week 15:

Jets (-3.5) over COWBOYS
Bears (+5.5) over VIKINGS
WASHINGTON (+1) over Bills
Packers (-3) over RAIDERS
EAGLES (+3.5) over Cardinals

I went back and forth in my head over the 49ers-Bengals game. I initially thought the 49ers made a lot of sense at +4.5 at home. AJ McCarron did some good work against Pittsburgh, but the 49ers have been fairly solid at home on defense. Better than the Steelers defense. But then, the Browns loss kept circulating in my head. Could that be the loss that pushes this team over the edge, and begins the final tailspin? I really don't know at this point, and so I just elected to stay away entirely.

I went with the Jets in the Saturday game, even though the Cowboys get the hook on the spread. I would have preferred a field goal spread, but I'm rolling the dice with the extra half point. The absence of Rolando McClain seems helpful for Chris Ivory's chances, as well as some of the middle-of-the-field passing game. The Cowboys do play well at home, which has me worried. We'll see!

This might be the most underdogs I've gone with in a single week. The Vikings are an inconsistent football team, so laying 5.5-points could work out for me, or get really ugly in a hurry. The Bears have played better on the road, so hopefully they can build on that. Philadelphia is hosting the Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. The Eagles are 5-1 ATS in the last six games Sam Bradford has started and finished, so we're just hoping he can stay healthy. Washington is a better home than road team, although coming off a win over Chicago, watch them blow it at home in their race for the NFC East title.

Here are all my picks for Week 15

RAMS vs. Buccaneers (+2.5): Bucs - Loss
COWBOYS vs. Jets (-3.5): Jets
VIKINGS vs. Bears (+5.5): Bears
JAGUARS vs. Falcons (+3): Jaguars
COLTS vs. Texans (+2): Colts
RAVENS vs. Chiefs (-7.5): Ravens
WASHINGTON vs. Bills (-1): Washington
PATRIOTS vs. Titans (+14): Patriots
GIANTS vs. Panthers (-4.5): Panthers
SEAHAWKS vs. Browns (+14.5): Seahawks
RAIDERS vs. Packers (-3): Packers
CHARGERS vs. Dolphins (+2): Chargers
STEELERS vs. Broncos (+6.5): Steelers
49ERS vs. Bengals (-4.5): 49ers
EAGLES vs. Cardinals (-3.5): Eagles
SAINTS vs. Lions (-3): Lions