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49ers taken off the board for Super Bowl odds

You can probably spend that money you were saving for 49ers Super Bowl tickets.

If you were looking to get in a really long-shot wager on the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl chances, you are officially out of luck! The folks at Bovada released their latest round of Super Bowl futures odds, and the 49ers, Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans were all dropped off the board. The 49ers were listed at 1000-to-1 last week.

My favorite new prop bet added was whether or not the 49ers would score a first quarter touchdown this season. San Francisco has yet to get in the end zone in the first quarter through 11 games. If you think they will get in the end zone, you can get -1500 odds. This means, you have to bet $15 to win $1. If you don't think the 49ers will get in the end zone, you can get +700 odds. This means, if you bet $1, you win $7. Given that the 49ers still face the Browns, Bears and Lions, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable making the wager.

The NFC West race was also removed from the betting odds. The Arizona Cardinals are 9-2, holding a three game lead on the Seattle Seahawks with five games to go. The two teams face off in Week 17. Before then, their schedules break down as follows:

Week 13: @ Rams
Week 14: vs. Vikings
Week 15: @ Eagles
Week 16: vs. Packers
Week 17: vs. Seahawks

Week 13: @ Vikings
Week 14: @ Ravens
Week 15: vs. Browns
Week 16: vs. Rams
Week 17: @ Cardinals

The Seahawks have a lot of work to do, but they're not entirely out of this race. The Cardinals will probably win most of their remaining games, but all five of thus could prove tough. Even the struggling Eagles could be tough at home. I think the Cardinals end up winning the division, but I think the NFC West is far from wrapped up.