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Week 15 NFL schedule, AM: Game times, TV schedule, draft order, more

The San Francisco 49ers get going later this afternoon, but in the meantime, there is plenty of intriguing AM football action. If you think the 49ers are going to lose to the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday afternoon, there are of course plenty of draft implications to consider. Some of the games involve teams ahead of the 49ers, while others involve teams that can impact the strength of schedule tiebreaker that determines first round position in case of tied records.  Here is a look at each AM game, and what we might want out of it.

Bears (5-8) @ Vikings (8-5) - FOX

The 49ers are a game ahead of the Bears, but every win by them helps keep them further back of the 49ers. Additionally, since the 49ers played both Chicago and Minnesota, they'll get a win and a loss adjustment to strength of schedule no matter the result. And so, we're rooting for Daaaaa Bears.

Falcons (6-7) @ Jaguars (5-8) - FOX

This is pretty straight forward. The Falcons are two games back of the 49ers in terms of draft order, and every loss helps the 49ers strength of schedule. Add in that the Jaguars are only a game back, so we're rooting for the Jaguars.

Texans (6-7) @ Colts (6-7) - CBS

The 49ers do not face either team this year, and the teams ahead of the 49ers in the draft order did not face them, so this has no bearing on strength of schedule. I'm rooting for Frank Gore and the Colts.

Panthers (13-0) @ Giants (6-7) - FOX

This is one example where the better team winning would help the 49ers. If the Giants lose, the 49ers will get some help lowering their strength of schedule. I don't mind clearing more space between the 49ers and Giants, but with a two-game difference, boosting strength of schedule helps. We're rooting for the Panthers.

Titans (3-10) @ Patriots (11-2) - CBS

Tennessee stands little chance of winning this game, but that won't stop us from rooting for Tennessee to secure a fourth win. We're rooting for the Titans.

Bills (6-7) @ Washington (6-7) - FOX

The 49ers did not play either team, but they can get some help in strength of schedule. If the Bills win, several teams ahead of them will see their strength of schedule increase. The 49ers will need all the help they can get with SOS, so we're rooting for the Bills.

Chiefs (8-5) @ Ravens (4-9) - CBS

This is a simple one. The Ravens currently have a weaker strength of schedule than the 49ers, so they will remain ahead of the 49ers in any tiebreaker. A win would drop them behind the 49ers if the latter loses today, so we're rooting for the Ravens.