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Colin Kaepernick not expected on 49ers sideline this week

I don't think this is a thing, but who knows at this point.

This might be a bit of a non-story, but who knows at this point. Mindi Bach is reporting the San Francisco 49ers medical staff does not want Colin Kaepernick on the sideline for Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals. She also said he is not expected to attend the game (where he might be in a luxury suite, or something like that). Kaepenrick's left arm remains in a sling following shoulder surgery, and the staff does not allow players on IR to be on the sideline if the player potentially cannot be able to get out of harms way, or is at further risk of injury.

I bring this up because Matt Barrows reported earlier this week that Kaepernick was expected to be on the sideline for this game. Kaepernick told the media that he recently resumed going to team meetings following surgery. He has been rehabilitating at the 49ers facility since the surgery. Other teams do allow players in slings on the sideline (Dallas Cowboy with Tony Romo), but obviously every team might have different procedures in place. Make of it what you will.

The timeline for Kaepernick's recovery remains a tricky subject for purposes of the upcoming offseason. The surgery was to repair a torn labrum, and that usually includes a four-to-six month recovery period. The surgery took place November 24, so four months would be just before April 1. That April date is when his 2016 base salary becomes fully guaranteed.

We still have three and a half months until the salary is guaranteed, so there is a lot of time for both sides to figure out how to handle this. It will likely come down to whether or not Kaepernick can pass a physical as April 1 approaches. The team can trade or release him. I could see some kind of injury settlement leading to a release, but we don't really know what kind of trade market exists for him quite yet. This is a very fluid situation.