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Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Eddie DeBartolo among 49ers Super Bowl legends on hand for Week 15

The San Francisco 49ers are getting pummeled by the Cincinnati Bengals, and the loss is all the more embarrassing because of some of the 49ers legends on hand for the game. The 49ers honored their Super Bowl XVI and XXIII teams, bringing them out at halftime. The 49ers faced the Bengals in both those Super Bowls, and with this year's 50th Super Bowl, they are honoring their various teams.

Pictures and video from the stadium show Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, former owner Eddie DeBartolo, and plenty more on hand. It doesn't help make this game any better, but it's cool to see the 49ers legends on hand with the Lombardi Trophies.

#49ers Joe Montana has in hand the Lombardi Trophy! #FanKave #SpotSakamoto #ForeverFaithful #NinerFans

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