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Al Guido comments hint further at Jim Tomsula return to 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers season is a train wreck, but it would appear that will not prevent Jim Tomsula from returning in 2016. The 49ers COO had some interesting comments that allow for plenty of inferences.

The San Francisco 49ers dropped to 4-10 on Sunday, losing 24-14 to the Cincinnati Bengals. A couple second half scores made the game more competitive, but for most of the first three quarters, the 49ers tailspin continued. The 49ers scores in the third and fourth quarter put a bit of a shine on this turd of a game, but do not do much else. The defense performed well for much of the game, and some ugly mistakes kept this game from being more competitive.

After last week's loss to the Browns, there were questions about what was next for this coaching staff. It was an embarrassing performance, and seemed to be the kind of defeat that might actually bring about some change. A week later, that would not seem to be the case. Some in-game comments would indicate the team might be still comfortable with bringing back Jim Tomsula (via CSN Bay Area):

"I had a chance to talk to Al Guido, the COO for the 49ers beforehand," Feely said on the broadcast. "They knew what they were getting into when they had all the defections. (He) said they underestimated a little bit the impact that it had in the locker room, specifically the lack of leadership. . . But I think they're confident with Jim Tomsula going forward."

Feely might be making his own conclusions from what Guido said to him, but it's not like he's just coming up with these kinds of conclusions out of thin air. I've said the team would need blowouts in the final four games, indicative of the team giving up on the coaching staff, for there to potentially be change. We saw a blowout in Cleveland. This game shaped up to be a blowout, but the team put something together late. I think what we saw was enough to be viewed as a somewhat competitive loss.

Jed York said after the game that he will "talk about everything" after the season ends. These comments from Guido to Feely give us some hint as to what York and Trent Baalke might have to say when everything settles. I think we can safely expect plenty of mention about the roster turnover. York and Baalke will likely discuss the hope for a more settled offseason in 2016, which will give Jim Tomsula and his coaching staff a chance to build on this year. There were at least some positives to build on, although I think most would agree there were plenty more negatives.

Jed York and the 49ers are seeing some impact of their poor decision-making, with fans no-showing games at a greater rate. PSL and season ticket money isn't going away with those no-shows, but it will be interesting to see how attendance looks next season coming off a truly abysmal 2015 campaign. And if Jim Tomsula and most of this coaching staff returns, the fanbase will not be happy. A return would indicate York & Co. are at least moderately satisfied with what the coach can do, and that might be all we really need to know about the sad state of affairs in Santa Clara.